Youth Speak on Cannabis Legalization

Together with the support of Lift and the International Centre for Science in Drug Policy (ICSDP), CSSDP hosted a youth roundtable to contribute input to the Task Force for Marijuana Regulation and Legalization on what sensible drug policy should look like.

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Regarding the Ongoing Criminalization of Cannabis Dispensary Workers


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Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy (CSSDP) is a grassroots network comprised of youth and students who are concerned about the negative impact our drug policies have on individuals and communities. We work on local, national and international levels to promote sensible drug policy, increase harm reduction awareness, and disseminate evidence-based educational resources.

Upcoming Cannabis Education Roundtables

CSSDP is looking for chapters and volunteers to host a 2 hour Youth Roundtable to workshop our Cannabis Education Toolkit in December and early January.   Roundtable Facilitation Training CSSDP is working with the Youth Wellness Network to develop: a...

CCSA Hosts 7th Harm Reduction Conference

One of the largest harm reduction conferences is being held, recently. It was in Calgary, Alberta. This is the seventh conference devoted to issues and concerns around substance use and addiction. It is being hosted by the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA).

Fentanyl Positive Sample Tests Increase 2,000%

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons. By Scott Douglas Jacobsen There has been a surprising increase in the number of positive tests for fentanyl in samples of heroin, which have been seized by the law enforcement agencies throughout the country. It was less than 1% in...

Abuse of Opioids Does Not Discriminate

Image Credit: Flickr. By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Jesse Stein from The Link wrote about the hard lessons from overdoses (Stein, 2017). Amélie Goyette, who has worked at CACTUS for 13 years (a harm reduction service), described the learned lesson. The lesson that...

New Device to be Piloted in British Columbia

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons. By Scott Douglas Jacobsen In the midst of the opioid crisis in British Columbia, and arguably across Canada, Vancouver is testing a first-of-its-kind drug examination device. The drug testing device may help in the reduction of opioid...

Red Zones Block Harm Reduction Service Access

Image Credit: Pexels. By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Henry Tran, a Contributor to Simon Fraser University's The Peak, reported that a new study found the bail conditions on alleged offenders including substance users can prevent overall access in Downtown Eastside...

The Public Have Concerns About Discarded Needles

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons. By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Harm reduction continues to grow throughout Canada. With this, there is the provision of Naloxone kits, harm reduction trailers and sites, as well as clean needles for injection drug users. But there have been...

Harm Reduction Trailer Approved for Murray Street

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons. By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Health Canada approved the supervised injection site in Ottawa, recently. CBC News reported that the trailer was approved for the Shepherd’s of Hope in Byward Market (Trinh, 2017). This nearly another...

Harm Reduction Tent No Longer Usable in Moss Park

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons. By Scott Douglas Jacobsen A, technically, illegal overdose prevention site in the Moss Park of Toronto halted use of a its heated medical tent (Giovannetti, 2017). The heated medical tent was provided by the provincial government, or...

Overdoses in Abbotsford

Canadian citizens have been losing family members, friends, colleagues, and fellow Canadians to the ongoing opioid crisis (CBC Radio, 2017).