Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy (CSSDP) is a grassroots network of youth and students who are concerned about the negative impact our drug policies have on individuals and communities. We consider drug use a health and human rights issue rather than a criminal-legal issue. We advocate for evidence-based responses to reduce and prevent harms associated with drug use and drug criminalization

Our Mission…


We support young people to make informed decisions about their health, starting with evidence-based drug education. Education is empowerment.

Harm Reduction

Drug use is a public health concern and a human rights issue, not a criminal justice issue.  We advocate for appropriate responses to reduce and prevent harm.

Drug Policy

We work to support harm reduction, evidence-based legislation, and drug policy reform on local, national and international levels.

Where We Stand

CSSDP Policy Stances

Read our official position statements on various drug policy concerns.





What’s happening in BC with drug policy reform and activism: A focus on youth

By Taylor Fleming, Michelle Olding, and Samara Mayer of CSSDP Vancouver April 14th 2021, marked...
Graphic depicting cannabis harm reduction information being censored by social media content regulations

Cannabis Education Initiatives Silenced by Social Media Guidelines

“The reality is that censorship and access to information are heavily influenced by large corporations like Facebook, and that social media companies are preventing young people in Canada and around the world from sharing and accessing information they need to make informed choices about cannabis use.”

Statement on CAMH video appearance

To our CSSDP community, A representative of CSSDP’s National Board recently appeared in a short...

Annual Report – 2019/2020

Learn what CSSDP has been up to in the 2019/2020 year!

CSSDP Annual General Meeting 2020

Please join us for our Annual General Meeting! When: Thursday Nov 26, 4:OO PST / 5:00 CMT / 6:00...

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Are you interested in working towards sensible drug policy? We welcome students and youth to join our campus and regional chapters to support our local, national and international work towards creating better drug laws and disseminating science-backed educational resources.

Our resources are created by our members, supporters and staff.  If you have resources you’d like to add, please at contact us.

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