We work on local, national and international levels to promote sensible drug policy, increase harm reduction awareness, and disseminate evidence-based educational resources.


It’s important we take smart first steps towards educating youth, starting with the science-based evidence. Drug education is empowerment.
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Harm Reduction

Drug use is a public health concern, not a criminal justice issue.  We advocate for appropriate responses to reduce and prevent harm.
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Drug Policy

We work to support harm reduction, evidence-based legislation, and drug policy reform on local, national and international levels.
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Who We Are

A Collective of Students and Youth Across Canada

CSSDP’s strength really relies on the hardworking chapters across the country. They are the foot soldiers of our cause: Sensible Drug Policy. We have seen powerful initiative from each chapter in the form of social organization, knowledge dissemination, harm-reduction outreach, and event planning.

Youth Speak

In 2016, we held our first roundtable, Youth Speak: Cannabis Legalization in the 21st Century, to ask young people what they thought about cannabis education for students and youth.

In 2018, we released our 95-page Sensible Cannabis Education: A Toolkit for Educating Youth and hope to gain funding to further workshop this resource to allow for more ways for young people to have their voices heard in relation to both laws and education that directly affect them. Sensible cannabis education is the first step – the first step away from criminalizing youth, and towards discussing sensible drug policy in relation to all regulations that affect young people and their families.

Help Us Get to the Commission on Narcotic Drugs!

On March 14th, the United Nations will be holding a High-Level Ministerial Segment (HLM) as well as the annual Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND). The HLM takes place every 10 years to evaluate the previous UN targets in drug policy. For the past several years,...

A Call from the Vancouver Emergency Task Force

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen The emergency task force, comprised of 115 members, from Vancouver has made a call based on the ongoing high number, unusually so, of overdoses within the province. The current estimates for the period of January to September of 2018 is...

“Supporting youths’ right to participate in decision making around the laws, services and programs which directly affect them is critical to the development of pragmatic approaches that foster their health and drug literacy.” Jenna Valleriani, PhD

CSSDP Strategic Advisor

“CSSDP is building a safer Canada by advocating for sensible drug policy and creating a platform for youth voices.” Dessy Pavlova


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The Board of Directors is an all-volunteer distributed team of 12 that meet regularly to discuss local chapter events and initiatives, current national campaigns and global issues to do with drug policy. Made up entirely of students and youth, each of us represent varied regions, cultures and chapters across Canada.

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We welcome students and youth to join our campus and regional chapters to support our local, national and international work towards creating better drug laws and disseminating science-backed educational resources.


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