We work on local, national and international levels to promote sensible drug policy, increase harm reduction awareness, and disseminate evidence-based educational resources.


It’s important we take smart first steps towards educating youth, starting with the science-based evidence. Drug education is empowerment.
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Harm Reduction

Drug use is a public health concern, not a criminal justice issue.  We advocate for appropriate responses to reduce and prevent harm.
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Drug Policy

We work to support harm reduction, evidence-based legislation, and drug policy reform on local, national and international levels.
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Who We Are

A Collective of Students and Youth Across Canada

CSSDP’s strength really relies on the hardworking chapters across the country. They are the foot soldiers of our cause: Sensible Drug Policy. We have seen powerful initiative from each chapter in the form of social organization, knowledge dissemination, harm-reduction outreach, and event planning.



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Recent activities

Advocacy and representation

Together, CSSDP’s member works together to fight for meaningful change to drug policies. We represent the youth voice at national and international conferences and meetings, liason with government, and produce educational materials that can be used to advocate for change.


High Level Ministerial Segment Day Two • Youth RISE

While the Philippines proceed with extrajudicial killings of people who use drugs, youth activists continue to protest against these atrocities. We, the youth organizations, remonstrate by lying on the floor of the Rotunda – the UN exhibition space. Welcome to the 2019 Commission on Narcotic Drugs Ministerial Segment.

Thoughts From Vienna (Commission on Narcotic Drugs 2019)

In 2009, the United Nations adopted what is informally called “The 2009 Political Declaration.” 2019 was the date that the UN agreed they would re-examine the declaration, evaluate its effects, its impacts, and member states success in achieving the goals that they had set out.

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We welcome students and youth to join our campus and regional chapters to support our local, national and international work towards creating better drug laws and disseminating science-backed educational resources.


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