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Our Mission

What We Stand For

We are a grassroots network comprised of youth and students who are concerned about the negative impact our drug policies have on individuals and communities.

We mobilize our chapter members to participate in the political process, pushing for sensible policies to achieve a safer and more just future. CSSDP works alongside other organizations and campaigns to support harm reduction, evidence-based legislation, and drug policy reform on local, national, and international levels.

Our Vision

Sensible drug policy & harm reduction

We believe youth and students deserve to be heard. All too often, laws that affect young people are made without including their voices. Sensible drug policy means consulting with the people who are affected most and making sure harm reduction awareness and services are accessible to people of all walks of life.

Nothing about us, without us.

Active Chapters | Campaigns & Events

It is important for parents to be a part of the conversation when it comes to awareness campaigns and appropriate access to educational information for young people.

We do not judge or condemn drug use of any kind, but run harm reduction  campaigns that can help support parents when discussing drugs and drug use with youth.

Sensible Cannabis Education | Partners

Many CSSDP members are teachers as well as students. We also support and advocate for peer-to-peer education. CSSDP produces research-based resources on drug education and literacy for both youth leaders as well as teaching in traditional settings.

We are working with partner organizations to develop additional educational resources on drugs and drug use.

Resources | Partners

Our Chapters

Find a local chapter and work with us towards sensible drug policy

Our chapters have autonomy to run their own events, campaigns and initiatives in relation to their local needs. As a national organization we work together to develop resources that may be utilized throughout Canada and around the world to support sensible drug policy and harm reduction.

A Message From

the CSSDP Board

Together, we can create so much change around how our society views drugs and current drug policies.

We neither condone nor condemn drug use. By focusing on evidence-based, science-backed resources, we work with partner organizations, schools, government representatives, and stakeholders across Canada to produce educational campaigns that influence and create sensible drug policies.

With harm reduction in mind, we can both change minds and create opportunities. Join us!

Partner Organizations
Our partners and sponsors are what help CSSDP achieve goals through financial and other forms of support. Without partnership opportunities and sponsors to help fund our events, chapters and overall goals, CSSDP would not be able to work towards sensible drug policy in effective ways. Thank you for helping CSSDP succeed!

Check back for updates, coming soon!

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