There was a brief news article about an American harm reduction programs. It talked about the West Virginia Health Right in Charleston, West Virginia.

The West Virginia Health Right will be distributing retractable needles to further its harm reduction program. This was weeks before the final Charleston City Council vote that made syringes illegal within Charleston.

During emergencies, there is the possibility of dirty needles sticking to firefighters and police, according to the concerns expressed in the report. This proposal stemmed from the concerns there.

West Virginia Health Right wanted to distribute the needles in order to keep the city safe. They wanted safety for the general West Virginia public through the implementation of harm reduction methodologies.

They began some of the harm reduction work in 2011. Its harm reduction program began with the requirement of patients to receive a full medical examination, HIV and Hepatitis screenings, and drug counseling prior to receiving clean needles.

So Health Right says they’re responding with a measure to keep the city safe. Health Right began their Harm Reduction in 2011 after seeing patients asking for insulin prescriptions but simply walking out with the needles.

The CEO of Western Virginia Health Right, Angie Settle, said that the needles cost the clinic three time more than the regular syringes.


Meisner, A. (2018, March 22). Health Right Announces Retractable Needles in Harm Reduction Program. Retrieved from

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