On June 26, citizens in Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa will join thousands of activists in more than 150 cities around the world to protest harmful drug laws that fuel public health crises and human rights violations.

The Support Don’t Punish: Global Day of Action coincides with the United Nations’ International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, a day used by many governments to justify violent crackdowns on drug offenders, including public beatings and executions in some countries.

Canada is currently at a pivotal moment with respect to drug policy. At present, we’re poised to continue our blind support of the failed “war on drugs.” But with a federal election looming, Canadians are coming together to demand that elected representatives create a healthier, more dignified future for people who use drugs.

Read the full press release about Support Don’t Punish in Canada

supportdontpunish Are you in Toronto, Montreal, or Ottawa? Be sure to attend the Support Don’t Punish action in your city!

Click for information about the Toronto action.
Click for information about the Montreal action.
Click for information about the Ottawa action (note this action takes place on June 25).

Even if you can’t attend an action in person, you can still show your solidarity on social media. Last year #supportdontpunish was trending on Twitter, so it is up to us to make that happen again! You can also tweet at the campaign using @SDPcampaign. Make sure to like and share the official Support Don’t Punish Facebook page, and invite your friends to as well. Most importantly, subscribe to the Thunderclap for all social media platforms!