Are you a youth or a student that has been negatively impacted by drug policy? Suffered because of misinformation spread through fear-based prevention campaigns? Unable to get the help you needed because of a shortage of youth-targeted treatment programs? Spent time in prison when you could have been in school? Lost a loved one due to preventable overdose or disease? The SSDP International Outreach Committee is currently looking for students and youth to share their stories about the harms caused by prohibitionist drug policies.

Tell us about an event or a moment in your life when drug policy failed you! Each story should be no longer than 450 words. All you will have to provide in addition to your story is your country of residence, age, gender (to be published with the story), and contact information (so we can reach you if needed). You may also provide your name/nickname and a photo to go along with your story if you would like. Street-involved youth, incarcerated youth, and any young people who feel they need support in submitting a story are encouraged to get in touch. Stories from parents or loved ones who have lost their children due to prohibitionist drug policies are also welcome.

If you would like to submit a photo along with your story, or need help submitting, please e-mail jake@ssdp.org.

Submit your story here!