Starting a Chapter


CSSDP chapters amplify our voices and our actions to create change in local, national, and international drug policy. Our chapters work in areas of social organization, knowledge dissemination, harm-reduction outreach, and event planning. CSSDP supports its chapters through chapter grants, outreach advice, event support, social media advertising, and chapter coordination.

Together, chapters and the national Board of Directors work together to create top-notch resources to support disseminating fact-based education.

Chapter Manual

CSSDP chapters form the backbone of our organization, and their dedicated work is a huge part of what makes the youth movement against unjust drug policy in Canada possible. If you decide to start a chapter, or already run one, this manual will give you some basic guidelines on running an active CSSDP chapter.

Chapter Manual

How to Create Social Change

CSSDP is based on activating chapters and empowering members to create social change. Check out this blog on the five steps that will help you run or be a part of a successful chapter!

Chapter Sign Up Sheet

Print this chapter sign-up sheet to collect names and contact information of members.

Sample Constitution

Edit this sample constitution according to the guidelines of your university!

Chapter Grants

Learn about how you can apply for a chapter grant to help support your chapter’s work on the ground.

CSSDP Pamphlet

CSSDP works to create easy-to-understand informational pamphlets that chapters and chapter members can use to spread knowledge.

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