Drug Education Resources


The CSSDP works to create and share evidence-based, science-backed, and compassionate drug education resources. These resources are designed to provide drug facts, infographics, and policy-related info to better empower youth across Canada

CSSDP chapters and chapter members can use these resources to help spread evidence-based knowledge.

Drug Facts

We won’t tell you that drugs are good or bad, and we won’t tell you whether you should do drugs or not. Make an educated choice.

Cannabis on Campus

This outcome document was produced by CSSDP Vancouver for our #CannabisonCampus campaign.

CSSDP Cannabis Education Toolkit

This document was produced by CSSDP to support adults in having informed and non-judgemental conversations with young people about cannabis.

Decriminalization Pamphlet

This pamphlet outlines decriminalization, an alternative approach to prohibition.

Harm Reduction Pamphlet

This pamphlet outlines harm reduction, an alternative approach to zero tolerance policies.

Infographics and Templates

Drug Facts Infographics

Use these infographics and designs for your digital social media campaigns or print them as tabling materials.

Taste Tripping Template

A template for a miraculin fundraising event.

920 Event Template

An event template for 920, a day of action raising awareness about psilocybin mushrooms.

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