Please sign our online Petition to the City of Toronto Regarding the Ongoing Criminalization of Cannabis Dispensary Workers





  • Cannabis is a known medicine with minimal evidence for harms associated with its use.
  • The Project Claudia raids have resulted in the unjust criminalization of many Toronto citizens for participating in a market that will soon be legal.
  • The city of Toronto actively refuses to discuss any consideration of regulation for the growing dispensary market in spite of precedent for successful regulation for Cannabis Dispensaries in Vancouver.
  • The unjust punishment of dispensary workers is a direct result of the city council’s failure to keep the best interests of its citizens in mind.
  • And the harms of a criminal record are far greater than any harms associated with the use of the cannabis plant and its extracts.

We, the undersigned, petition the City of Toronto to:

  1.  Take the matter seriously.
  2. Make time to discuss the possibility and plausibility of implementing a temporary regulation program and to research the details of Vancouver’s regulatory model as a pre­emptive and positive measure to ensure the safety of the citizens of Toronto.
  3. Request that the police stop applying charges for dispensary workers and drop the charges of those already caught in the Project Claudia Raids.

You may also download our petition to print off, distribute, and collect signatures locally.


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