The basic import and evidence behind harm reduction methodology is simply undeniable. But there are invested interests in ignorance about the nature of the best ways in which, or better ways in which, to deal with the various crises facing us, exacerbated by the punitive approaches to drugs and substances.

Needle exchanges and education are part and parcel of harm reduction. In the North Bay, there are more community spaces being proposed alongside some of the aforementioned measures, which can help members of the community and, thus, the health of the community.

One of the HIV education/MSM outreach coordinators for the AIDS Committee of North Bay and Area, Kathleen Jodouin, made certain to direct attention to the methodologies associated with harm reduction.

Jodouin stated, “There has been frequent talk in the community – across social media and news outlets – about improperly disposed of needles that are found in the community.”

One of the issues are the hours of operation. They be closed for substantial times in a 24-hour period in in a 7-day timespan. Other places including Kirkland Lake, New Liskeard, Sudbury, and Timmins accepted and implemented the proposals for safe disposal bins.

These are minimal and cheap measures to improve the health of communities.

“We think this could be an excellent resource for our community, to allow folks to have a safer place to dispose of them, which – of course – reduces transmission risk and the presence of improperly disposed of needles,” Jodouin explained, “but also helps to affirm that we are recognizing a need in the community for better services for those who are actively using.”

As the crises affecting communities throughout the country continue to become worse and worse, and more and more communities are affected, and to a substantially worse degree, there will be more events thematically oriented on it.

If we look at Harm Reduction Saves Lives, a 2-day symposium, Jodouin was part of it. In it, the emphasis was on “more education and emphasis on harm reduction as a solution.”

Jodouin stated the need for more inclusive for all members of the community, especially those who may be active users of substance. They aren’t from Mars. They’re other human beings deserving of compassion, dignity, and respect.

There is a lot of fear-based rhetoric, of which the least among out societies bear the brunt. In early 2018, Muskoka chairs put in the downtown were removed from outside the Canadian Mental Health Association. Why? Presumably, the stigma surrounding them.

Jodouin stated, “We find this quite disappointing, if not harmful, because it makes assumptions about the people who are accessing those services. It stigmatizes people who are brave enough to reach out into our community and ask for help and then it creates an isolation that these people are not welcome in the downtown core.”


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Photo by Etienne Delorieux on Unsplash

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Scott Jacobsen


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