Step 1: Ask yourself, “What change do I want to see in the world?

Do I want to…    end stigma against people who use or are dependent on drugs?

change local, provincial, or federal drug laws?

help people who are harmed by drug use or drug policies?

Finding your answer to this question can help focus your efforts.

Step 2: Ask yourself, “What is the best way to achieve this change?

Is it by…    changing the minds of voters or politicians?

increasing funding for a program?

spreading awareness about a particular problem?

providing people with accurate and helpful information about drugs?

Many people have opinions regarding this question and will say that this or that strategy is a waste of time. The truth is that no one knows which efforts will result in meaningful change. What’s important is your own answer to this question and that you pursue accomplishing it.

Step 3: Assess the skills and resources you have. 

If you can….




speak another language


organize an event

write music

build a website

If you have lots of…



valuable knowledge

valuable experience

Step 4: Think about how use them to achieve your desired change.

– Call your local MP’s office, ask for a meeting, tell them what change you want to see happen and why
– Write us something for our blog, write a letter to your local MP or newspaper

– Learn about drugs or drug policy and share your revelations

– Translate some valuable info into another language

– Draw a cool picture that we can use on our posters and keep in our website’s resources section
– Organize a panel, debate, conference, concert

– Write a song about how much the drug war sucks!

– Improve CSSDP’s website

– Share info you get from CSSDP’s Facebook page with your friends

– Make a donation to CSSDP, or put your money into another project you like

– Write it into a speech or presentation

– Share it in a blog post


Step 5: Work to achieve the change you want to see. 
Sometimes it’s difficult or impossible to assess the effect your efforts create. Don’t listen to the naysayers who will tell you that your efforts don’t accomplish anything. Social change does happen, but it doesn’t happen by itself. What’s important is that you try and keep trying to create the result you’re looking for. There are tons of resources online and within CSSDP to draw from. Connect with our other members and be part of the movement!