On March 14th, the United Nations will be holding a High-Level Ministerial Segment (HLM) as well as the annual Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND). The HLM takes place every 10 years to evaluate the previous UN targets in drug policy. For the past several years, Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy have sent students to various UN international drug policy meetings to make sure that Canadian youth are both represented in international drug policy, and so that the information surrounding UN drug policy can be shared with youth around the world. These annual UN meetings are also an opportunity for youth drug policy activists from around the world to get together and organize around bigger drug policy partnerships. Last year, CSSDP played an important role in facilitating the growth of Paradigma, a project designed to help various youth-run drug policy organizations collaborate on drug policy reform.

This year, two CSSDP board members will be attending CND: Heather D’Alessio, who will be on the Canadian delegation and Alex Betsos, who will be working with youth drug policy activists. This year, both have been actively involved in monthly meetings with the Canadian government and with other drug policy organizations in Canada. Heather will be the first youth drug policy activist to be featured on the Canadian delegation. As well, Heather and Alex have spent several months working with their international partners to establish two side events  at CND this year that will feature youth from both the global north and the global south, explaining different facets of drug laws.

 CSSDP is a non-profit organization that operates solely on grants and donations. These funds are directly used to further research, extend visibility and access to CSSDP resources (e.g. the Sensible Cannabis Toolkit), and promote the CSSDP’s message nationally and internationally at conferences, negotiations, and meetings. Please consider contributing in order to allow us to send students like Alex and Heather to events such as CND, allowing them to advocate for students and get them engaged in drug policy. If you’d like to donate, you can do so by following the link below. We welcome and thank you for any contribution you are able to make at this time.


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