Happy 420! Although April 20 is generally a happy day for cannabis users, today is an extra special day for drug policy worldwide!

While in Toronto (and across Canada) hundreds of people will be coming together to celebrate the best known cannabis holiday at Dundas Square, 10 of our board members and chapter members will be attending UNGASS 2016. It’s important because this is the first time in a decade that world leaders are coming together to discuss drug policy – the “World Drug Problem” has changed a lot since. I’m happy to report that the UN is adopting a new framework for policies – putting people first. The drug war has been a failure, and with attitudes around cannabis becoming more and more positive while some countries and states decriminalize and legalize, it’s time to really push to end the war on drugs. So this 420, don’t just get high – remember that cannabis is still illegal, despite legalization promises during the election, and people are still getting arrested. We’re working hard to move Canada towards more sensible drug policies, but you can help in only a few minutes – Sign this petition put forward by Green party leader Elizabeth May (we gave her an A on drug policy during the election!).

Expect updates soon from our CSSDP members that recently attended the SSDP conference and now UNGASS 2016, but also keep posted on some interviews and discussions with professionals in the industry with our #420 campaign leading up to the Global Marijuana March. Remember, even if cannabis has relatively few long-term negative effects, it’s important to know your source, keep hydrated, and keep calm by being with people you know in an environment you feel comfortable in. Have a safe, happy and high 420!