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Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy (CSSDP) is a Not-For-Profit organization that supports a growing network of chapters in schools and communities across Canada. Our chapters and our board of directors work together to represent the voice of students and youth in matters of drug policy on local, national, and international levels. Our members are passionate, engaged, and concerned about the negative impact of drug policies on our communities. Together, we’re making a difference and supporting change towards more sensible drug policies! Will you help us make a difference?

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Help Get Us to the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND)

The United Nations (UN) is hosting the annual Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) on March 14th, 2019. CSSDP is sending two board members to attend in order to make sure that Canadian youth are both represented in international drug policy, and so that the information surrounding UN drug policy can be shared with youth around the world.

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Get us to CND!

We appreciate all contributions in support of our board members attending the UN's CND meeting

Sensible Cannabis Education

We worked really hard over the last year to create the Sensible Cannabis Education Toolkit -- but our work is far from done. We want to hold round tables around the country that will include youth voices, including creating a video series, and making more sensible and accessible resources for youth, parents, and educators.

Our strategic advisor Jenna Valleriani and two board members, Stephanie Lake and Michelle Thiessen will be presenting on our toolkit at Stimulus! Support us getting there!

Each chapter works towards raising awareness about harm reduction and drug policy that directly affects our communities.

Other Goals and Projects:

Student Medical Insurance

Youth with medical issues are often overlooked, especially considering the continnued stigma around cannabis use. We're working to present a case for why student medical cannabis ought to be covered by student medical insurance across Canada, like other prescription drugs.

Harm Reduction on Campus

There is an opioid overdose  crisis in Canada and we can't pretend that it's not effecting young people. Services like Naloxone training and accessibility, and even drug checking services, are harm reduction practices that our schools should support.

We are constantly working on individual events and campaigns at a chapter level. Keep posted on our blog to learn more about what we’re doing and how you can help. Support comes in many forms, but if you can donate, that’s what allows us to offer chapter grants to print literature for harm reduction awareness campaigns, support travel to important drug policy events, host educational events for students, youth and other stakeholders, and develop new evidence-based resources.

We’ve got a lot on our plate, and we could use your help. Please consider donating and supporting the growth of our organization!

Make a Donation to Support CSSDP chapters and educational campaigns

With the support of our donors, we can achieve so much more, and continue working towards sensible drug policy across Canada on local, national and international level.

Here’s how:

  1. Give us a monthly donation! This lets us plan ahead as a national board – without regular income, it’s hard to know how we’ll be able to support chapters months ahead of time. This is especially important for individual chapter events – but you can donate directly to them as well! We try to support chapters via chapter grants, as well as offering start-up t-shirts and other literature.
  2. Give us funding per project! By allocating funds directly to specific campaigns, projects or events, we can give special perks to our sponsors by showcasing our relationship on our partner page and social media accounts. By supporting specific projects, we can develop co-branded takeaway materials for our sponsors, create joint campaigns and ensure ongoing mutually-beneficial organizational relationships.
  3. Give us support for an educational event! From going to Stimulus conference where we’ll be holding our Annual General Meeting, to holding micro-events on important drug policy campaigns, to hosting educational roundtables across Canada, and to finally organizing another national conference in 2019in 2015, our national conference was a sold-out success, but we need at least $20,000 to host another!

All of our goals are reached through student and youth volunteered time and effort. When we can, the national organization financially support chapters, events, and funding research like our Sensible Cannabis Education Toolkit, which was kindly funded by an unrestricted grant by Canopy Growth. It’s only through support through various tiers that we can make changes towards sensible drug policy. Thank you for your support, financial and otherwise!


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