Dessy Pavlova

Today kicks off the first day of Sensible BC’s Week of Action, May 11-15. Health Minister Rona Ambrose is demanding that the City of Vancouver raid and lay charges against all marijuana dispensaries, rather than regulate the dispensaries as planned. Sensible BC is asking Canadians to call the Health Minister and tell the office about their experiences with medical marijuana. The hope is that patients and supporters will sign the online petition and call the Health Minister every day of the work week – striving to share and educate on the benefits of medical marijuana.

The Sensible BC effort aims to redirect policing funds from needlessly prohibiting marijuana and prosecuting users. After 2013’s failed attempt for a referendum, where 200,000 signatures were collected but fell short of the minimum requirements, this years brings renewed effort. In the past, some supporters were afraid that information would be released to the government and refused to sign up, despite their cannabis use which had an impact on the number of signatures on the petition for a referendum in 2013. For those a little hesitant to supply any personal information, the Week of Action requires nothing but a phone, and the willingness to tell your story (and a blocked caller ID for the very wary).

Will this campaign change Health Minister Rona Ambrose’s mind? Founder Dana Larsen says that it’s not likely, however, “it is a show of strength for our movement. It gives people a place to focus their unhappiness and makes a point to her and her staff.” Wondering how to get politicians talking about sensible drug policy? Pick up the phone, and talk! Get involved with Sensible BC and help the Health Minister understand why marijuana and drug policy reform is beneficial to the health of Canadians.