This week we’re featuring our former Outreach Director, Lisa Campbell. One of Lisa’s  favorite memories during her time with CSSDP (2013-2015) was when she presented on drug checking at the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna, Austria. During their stay, the CSSDP blog was so lit that it was banned on the UNODC firewall!

Lisa has been involved in many different aspects of drug policy, for example she was the founder and chairwoman of Women Grow Toronto. She is the founder and CEO at Lifford Cannabis Solutions – a cannabis agency which helps Canadian brands navigate legalization.

Lisa urges youth to get involved in drug policy reform and have their voices heard. We agree! “It’s important for students to share their stories on how drug prohibition impacts their lives. By students getting involved it changes the stereotypes about young people who use drugs!”


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Our chapters and our board of directors work together to represent the voice of students and youth in matters of drug policy on local, national, and international levels. Our members are passionate, engaged, and concerned about the negative impact of drug policies on our communities. Together, we’re making a difference and supporting change towards more sensible drug policies!

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