What is your current position: CEO, Lifford Cannabis Solutions

Which university or college did you attend: University of Waterloo, University of Alberta and York University

Affiliated CSSDP chapter: Toronto

When were you part of CSSDP: 2013-2015

In what capacity were you part of CSSDP: Outreach Director

What’s your favourite memory working with CSSDP: Presenting on drug checking at the United Nations in Vienna for the Commission on Narcotic Drugs. That same trip we had the CSSDP blog banned on the UNODC firewall, in the same day that we were in Russell Brand’s documentary End the Drugs War.  The documentary got mixed reviews, but we got to ask him if we should legalize and regulate all drugs in the middle of a press conference at the UN, and he agreed!

What would you tell youth who are interested in drug policy: Now is the time to get involved and have your voice heard.  It’s important for students to share their stories on how drug prohibition impacts their lives. By students getting involved it changes the stereotypes about young people who use drugs!

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