Are you a student or young person who is passionate about drug policy reform? Want to gain leadership experience in policy advocacy and social change?

Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy (CSSDP) has openings for multiple positions on our national Board of Directors, including one opening for Treasurer on our Executive Board! We will be accepting applications from today (October 21st 2019) until our Annual General Meeting on November 14th at 5pm PST, 8PM EST.

Being a member of our Board has many perks!

  • Instantly connect with a network of students from across the country who are working towards a similar goal
  • Gain valuable leadership and teamwork experience in policy development, fundraising, community outreach, relationship-building, and non-profit organizational governance
  • Opportunities to travel to meet with collaborators and present research/recommendations at various conferences and meetings across Canada
  • Opportunities to represent the organization in the media
  • As a representative of the organization, you’ll get a say in our short- and long-strategic plan

Treasurer position: Have finance skills? Want to learn how to organize and draft budgets? One of the most important skills for non-profit work is learning how to manage budgets. Every non-profit organization requires someone to manage the books. It’s a skill that will carry you far. If that sounds like you, look no further! CSSDP is looking for a new treasurer for our board. The treasurer plays a crucial role in making sure that everything runs smoothly. Your job will be to keep full and accurate accounts of all CSSDP’s finances, and make sure that we’re able to continue to provide opportunities to students across Canada. As a small non-profit organization, CSSDP is a great place to hone your skills! You will work closely with the rest of our Executive team to make sure everything runs smoothly so that we can continue to help our regional chapters and develop national projects.


  • You are: a post-secondary student (any age) or a young person (aged 17-30)
  • You are involved with one of our >20 chapters across Canada (e.g., attend meetings, help to organize or volunteer at events), or if there is no chapter in your area, you must be willing to help establish one
  • You can contribute approximately 5 volunteer hours per week 
  • You have skills (or have an interest in acquiring skills) in:
    • Web development
    • Finance (Treasurer position only)
    • Social media outreach (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
    • Fundraising
    • Event organization

Please send a letter of interest and a short (3-4 sentence) bio to

Please also indicate in your letter whether you are applying to an open Board position or to the Treasurer position on our Executive Board.