Fellow CSSDPers!

As you may know, the Drug Policy Alliance’s International Drug Policy Reform Conference will be taking place in Washington D.C. over the next few days. The conference will host over 1,000 attendees with a diverse and packed schedule featuring speakers from all corners of the drug policy reform movement.

CSSDP is excited to have a strong presence at the conference! Over the next few days, our team will be covering the conference’s sessions and events through social media. To keep up to date, make sure to follow CSSDP on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Our team of delegates includes:

  • Gonzo Nieto, Co-Chair (Twitter & Instagram: @gonzebo)
  • Alex Betsos, Personnel Liaison (Twitter: @existentialawe // Instagram: @alexbetsos)
  • Lisa Campbell, Outreach Director (Twitter & Instagram: @qnp)
  • Heather D’Alessio, Algonquin chapter leader (Instagram: @vegantichrist)
  • Daniel Grieg, Toronto chapter leader (Instagram: @dan_of_greig)

We will also be participating in the Model UN General Assembly Special Session on the World Drug Problem, hosted by SSDP in partnership with SSDP UK and CSSDP. The Model UNGASS will help students become familiar with the international drug policy reform movement and show how drug policy directly relates to other issues of international importance, including human rights, public health, sustainable development, and security issues. Gonzo Nieto will be chairing the Human Rights and Alternative Development committee; Alex Betsos will represent Canada on the Drugs and Crime committee; Heather D’Alessio will represent Canada on the Human Rights and Alternative Development committee; and Daniel will represent the US on the Drugs and Health committee.

Stay tuned, and check out the conference program and tweet at CSSDP if there are any sessions you would like us to cover!

With love,

CSSDP Reform Team