Toronto Crime Stoppers put out a PSA recently raising awareness of adulterants in Molly. While the PSA was pretty funny, it didn’t provided accurate information on adulterants found in MDMA or any harm reduction information on how to screen for potentially dangerous drugs. Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy (CSSDP) advocated for factual drug education, so we’ve dubbed this video with some of the many new psychoactive substances discovered in Canadian MDMA through The UNODC has tracked 348 new psychoactive substances between 2009-2013, thus reinforcing the need for drug checking services to screen out potential adulterants. Finally, we’ve edited the video credits to encourage young people to test their MDMA and created a list of Harm Reduction Resources. There have been a number of deaths across Canada related to adulterants, so it’s time to take action! Share this video, remix it yourself, download CSSDP’s Drug Checking Brief and be sure to buy a testing kit at

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