Our University of Western Ontario chapter held a great event on February 29th – and in the pre-conference excitement, we forgot to tell everyone about it!

Kudos to Geoff and the rest of the UWO chapter for pulling it off with style. Here’s the update Geoff sent in:

“Just wanted to share that we had a “Know Your Rights With the Police” event today, where we screened a copy of BUSTED: A Citizen’s Guide to Surviving Police Encounters from the FlexYourRights Foundation, then had a local criminal defense lawyer come in as a guest speaker. Attendance could have been better, but we had a solid group of 20 students who were very interested and engaging during the Q&A session with our guest speaker lawyer afterwards. Attached is a picture of our CSSDP club executive with our guest speaker. We plan on making this an annual event, hopefully attracting a larger audience next year!

I’m sure your probably already aware of FlexYourRights, but if not check them out. Their DVDs make a great club event that is relevant to members but outside the box of just talking about drug policy reform.


If you want to get in touch with Geoff or learn more about the UWO chapter, please you can email him at