University of Winnipeg chapter

University of Winnipeg We are the University of Winnipeg chapter of Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy! We advocate for the decriminalization of drug use and believe that drug use should be an issue of public health, not criminal justice. If you’re...

Apathy and Overdose

The Canadian Harm Reduction Network Apathy and Overdosealong with Jac’s Voice, the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition, Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, John Howard Society Toronto, Patients Canada, and Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy, have organized a free public forum, titled “Apathy and Overdose.”

Dr. Philip Berger will act as the moderator for the forum. Guest speakers include Donald MacPherson (Executive Director of the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition, who also published Vancouver’s “Four Pillars Drug Strategy”), as well as Dan Bigg (Founder and Director of the Chicago Recovery Alliance).

How to Create Social Change

Step 1: Ask yourself, “What change do I want to see in the world?” Do I want to…    end stigma against people who use or are dependent on drugs? change local, provincial, or federal drug laws? help people who are harmed by drug use or drug policies? Finding your...