CSSDP’s grassroots network of youth and students work together to raise awareness about harm reduction and sensible drug policy. When given evidence-based information, young people are armed to make educated decisions about their health. We believe that youth should have a voice in issues that effect them, and CSSDP does our best to create a platform where we can interact with stakeholders of all kinds, and utilize the support of businesses and organizations to bring forward positive change in our communities.


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Travel to Stimulus Conference

Bringing together our National Board of Directors to meet for our Annual General Meeting is a priority to better foster our student and youth community and to allow for a rare in-person work session. We need a minimum amount of $3000 to support our six board members attendance at Stimulus conference including travel, accommodation and entry fees. Also, you can join us online!

Every dollar counts, and you'll get a shout-out online for your help!

Annual General Meeting








Sensible Cannabis Education

We worked really hard over the last year to create the Sensible Cannabis Education Toolkit -- but our work is far from done. We want to hold round tables around the country that will include youth voices, including creating a video series, and making more sensible and accessible resources for youth, parents, and educators.

Our strategic advisor Jenna Valleriani and two board members, Stephanie Lake and Michelle Thiessen will be presenting on our toolkit at Stimulus! Support us getting there!

Other Goals and Projects:

Student Medical Insurance

Youth with medical issues are often overlooked, especially considering the continnued stigma around cannabis use. We're working to present a case for why student medical cannabis ought to be covered by student medical insurance across Canada, like other prescription drugs.

Harm Reduction on Campus

There is an opioid overdose  crisis in Canada and we can't pretend that it's not effecting young people. Services like Naloxone training and accessibility, and even drug checking services, are harm reduction practices that our schools should support.

Got another idea for CSSDP goals? Send us an email!

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