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Oct 3, 2018 | Edmonton, AB | Online, Anywhere
At our AGM this year, we’ll be covering our 3 goals from last year, our accomplishments,

and our focuses for 2019. We’ll also be holding board elections, so if you want to join us at a national level, get ready! Contact us to learn more.

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Every year, we hold an Annual General Meeting to go over our goals, our finances, and our future. We encourage participation via Zoom and as long as you RSVP, you’re welcome to join us to contribute to the conversation. If you have any ideas that you think CSSDP ought to cover, send us an email and let us know!

2018 AGM Schedule

October 3rd, 2018

4:30 PM PST
5:30 pm MDT
7:30 PM EST
A few minutes for everyone to get sorted and share any news from Stimulus Conference with the rest of CSSDP.
4:45 PM PST
5:45 pm MDT
7:45 PM EST

Kira London-Nadeau

A brief overview of CSSDP and the agenda, including upcoming board elections. If you’re interested, get in touch!

Each chapter to introduce their chapter leader or designated speaker speaking on behalf of the group.

5:00 PM PST
6:00 pm MDT
8:00 PM EST
Drug Policy Overview

Strategic Advisor
Donald MacPherson

Learn from one of Canada’s leading figures in drug policy, the Executive Director of Canadian Drug Policy Coalition and founding member of CSSDP.
5:15 PM PST
6:15 pm MDT
8:15 PM EST
Youth and Cannabis

Strategic Advisor
Rebecca Saah

Review the evidence on youth cannabis use and the public health policy implications of legalization with one of Canada’s top researchers.
5:30 PM PST
6:30 pm MDT
8:30 PM EST
Sensible Education

Strategic Advisor
Jenna Valleriani

Discuss our Sensible Cannabis Education Toolkit as our main goal for 2018, our progress in development and dissemination over the last year, and continued expectations.
5:45 PM PST
6:45 PM MDT
8:45 PM EST
2018 Goal Setting

Board Member
Michelle Thiessen

Our other 2 goals focused on: 1) medical cannabis university insurance coverage; 2) Naloxone and harm reduction on campus. Got an interesting idea? Let us know!
6:00 PM PST
7:00 pm MDT
9:00 PM EST
Chapter Overview

Chapter Liaison
Heather D’Alessio

Introductions of chapter campaigns, and a brief discussion of any news submitted ahead of time by chapter leaders for the board and other chapters to be aware of.
Updates may be submitted as blogs by individual chapters.
6:15 PM PST
7:15 PM MDT
9:15 PM EST
New Board Welcome

Strategic Advisor
Dessy Pavlova

With a newly elected board at the helm of CSSDP and an advisory board to help us meet our goals there will be a lot to organize and plan for the coming year! Get involved!


Our goals and members

Dessy Pavlova
Dessy Pavlova

Strategic Advisor, joined board 2015

Toronto, York, Ryerson chapters
Avery Sapoznikow
Avery Sapoznikow

Outreach Chair, Co-Secretary, joined 2016

UBC-Okanagan Chapter
Nick Cristiano
Nick Cristiano

Personnel Liaison, joined 2015

Toronto, York Chapter
Antonio Cillero
Antonio Cillero

Former Political Advocacy Chair, joined 2015

Toronto Chapter
Jenna Valleriani
Jenna Valleriani

Strategic Advisor, joined 2013

Toronto, Vancouver Chapter
Sensible Cannabis Education
Sensible Cannabis Education

A Toolkit for Educating Youth, published 2018

Stephanie Lake
Stephanie Lake

Co-Secretary, joined 2017

Vancouver Chapter
Kira London-Nadeau
Kira London-Nadeau

Chair, joined 2018

Montreal Chapter
Sarah Daniels
Sarah Daniels

Board member, joined 2018

UBC-Okanagan Chapter
Learn more about what CSSDP does and how you can get involved
We encourage everyone interested to join us at the 2018 AGM!
Michelle Theissen
Michelle Theissen

Vice Chair since 2017, joined board 2016

UBC-Okanagan Chapter
Heather D'Alessio
Heather D'Alessio

Chapter Liaison, joined 2015

Ottawa Chapger
Become a sponsor
Scott Jacobsen
Scott Jacobsen

Blog Coordinator, joined 2017

Remote support
Alex Betsos
Alex Betsos

International Liaison, joined 2013

Vancouver Chapter
Want to Speak at this AGM or at a CSSDP Board Meeting?

Where It’s At

STIMULUS Conference
Drugs, Policy and Practice in Canada 2018
9797 Jasper Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 1N9

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in person or online!

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Interested in getting a printed Sensible Cannabis Education Toolkit?
We would love to send you a print version for a small donation of $20, which would help the Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy National Board keep offering priceless opportunities to get involved in drug policy reform and would help fund continued research and outreach efforts. Are you able to support us and our work towards sensible drug policy?

Otherwise, you can always find the online version at Let us know what you think!


Connect with us if you have anything to add to the AGM agenda, or any questions, concerns or comments about CSSDP that we may want to take into account ahead of our Annual General Meeting. See you there!

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