Youth Speak on Cannabis Legalization

Together with the support of Lift and the International Centre for Science in Drug Policy (ICSDP), CSSDP hosted a youth roundtable to contribute input to the Task Force for Marijuana Regulation and Legalization on what sensible drug policy should look like.

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Regarding the Ongoing Criminalization of Cannabis Dispensary Workers


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Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy (CSSDP) is a grassroots network comprised of youth and students who are concerned about the negative impact our drug policies have on individuals and communities. We work on local, national and international levels to promote sensible drug policy, increase harm reduction awareness, and disseminate evidence-based educational resources.

Légalisation du cannabis: la lumière au bout du tunnel?

Au fil des quatre dernières décénies, nombre de politiciens ont martelé un discours pronant que la prohibition tiendrait les drogues loin de la portée des jeunes. Cependant, comme nous avons pu l’observer, la situation inverse s’est produite et les taux d’usage de substances illicites sont plus hauts que jamais.

Cannabis Legalization: Light at the end of the tunnel?

Read the French translation. For the past four decades, politicians have argued that prohibitionist policies will keep drugs out of the hands of youth. As we’ve seen, the opposite has occurred and rates of drug use are higher than they used to be. Canadian youth lead...

UNGASS: An Overview

It was a week of high hopes at the UN with Canadian Minister of Health Jane Philpott’s announcement of the country’s plan to legalize cannabis in Spring 2017. The Minister’s statement also focused on safe injection sites, naloxone distribution, support for people who use drugs, and harm reduction practices.

Happy 420!

Happy 420! Although April 20 is generally a happy day for cannabis users, today is an extra special day for drug policy worldwide! While in Toronto (and across Canada) hundreds of people will be coming together to celebrate the best known cannabis holiday at Dundas...

Psychedelics in Addiction and Mental Health Treatment

Daniel Greig and Kyle Lumsden Mental health stigma is not isolated to our cultural perceptions of what it means for an individual to have mental illness. These understandings are perpetuated by the legal and institutional environments in which they are formulated....

Current Research on Prevention

On January 26th 2016, CSSDP Okanagan, a fledgling chapter, hosted its first public information talk. Our guest speaker was Dr. Marvin Krank. He has extensive research experience in substance use, with a focus on use by adolescents. His presentation for us was, “In the...

CSSDP at the CCSA Consultation!

Andras Lenart In anticipation of the United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on the World Drug Problem taking place in April, the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA) organized a consultation with NGOs working in drug policy in order to inform...

Reflections on Reform Pt. 2

Daniel Greig With inspiration drawn from the reform conference sessions, it was all the more interesting to engage in the Model UNGASS (MUNGASS) sessions hosted by SSDP in collaboration with CSSDP and SSDP UK. The UNGASS (Special Session of the United Nations General...

CSSDP’s Model UNGASS Report

  At this year’s Reform conference, SSDP partnered with CSSDP and SSDP UK to host a simulation of the upcoming Special Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGASS) on the World Drug Problem. This event provided students with an opportunity to...

Reflections on Reform

Daniel Greig It was refreshing to be around so many people with the shared goal of bringing the war on drugs to an end and yet so many diverse motivations and paths towards that goal. Many people I met had been more deeply impacted by the drug war than I could have...