Youth Speak on Cannabis Legalization

Together with the support of Lift and the International Centre for Science in Drug Policy (ICSDP), CSSDP hosted a youth roundtable to contribute input to the Task Force for Marijuana Regulation and Legalization on what sensible drug policy should look like.

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Regarding the Ongoing Criminalization of Cannabis Dispensary Workers


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Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy (CSSDP) is a grassroots network comprised of youth and students who are concerned about the negative impact our drug policies have on individuals and communities. We work on local, national and international levels to promote sensible drug policy, increase harm reduction awareness, and disseminate evidence-based educational resources.

Overdoses in Abbotsford

Canadian citizens have been losing family members, friends, colleagues, and fellow Canadians to the ongoing opioid crisis (CBC Radio, 2017).

Ottawa Vending Machines, Success Plus Concern

Image Credit: Wikipedia. By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Ottawa's program for harm reduction, which is a pilot, for needle and pipe vending machines as well as safe injection sites has been a success while make one resident feel unsafe in the neighbourhood now. There have...

Regina Harm Reduction Advocates Call for Safe Injection Sites

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen Harm reduction advocates are looking to have safe injection sites in Regina (Knox, 2017). Many of them or make-shift in places such as homes and alleyways. Saskatchewan, as a province in Canada, has the highest per capita opioid overdose...

Toronto Board of Health Considering New Measures

The Toronto Board of Health is considering a set of measures in order to push back against the crisis of overdoses. There was a plea from Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne for immediate declaration of a health emergency in the public.

FDA Considering New Enforcement With Implicit Focus on Harm Reduction

​By Scott Douglas Jacobsen According to the CSP Magazine’s Angel Abcede, the FDA is considering new enforcement policy, which would include harm reduction policy. One aspect of the policy is geared around nicotine addiction as one core strategy. The research will...

​Nikki Sullivan, of the Cape Breton​ ​Post, on Harm Reduction

Nikki Sullivan, of the Cape Breton​ ​Post, reported on harm reduction. She described this as something possibly confusing for those were not more familiar with the philosophy, methodology, and the practice. It was a way to help people with substance abuse disorders.

Ottawa’s Move for Harm Reduction via Vending Machines

It has been reported that Ottawa has installed new machines. The vending machines are for needles and crack pipes. These are sterile devices for use to reduce the probability of non-sterile ones being used. This is intended to reduce the number...

With or without the blessing

Toronto opened the 1st pop-up safe injection site. The city of Toronto has not ‘blessed’ the project. However, activists for the site are excited about it, and “hope authorities won’t shut them down” (Nasser, 2017). For one of the underserved sectors of the Toronto...

Vancouver Island Opening Consumption Site

It has been reported by CTV Vancouver Island that there is an exemption granted to the Vancouver Island Health Authority for the operation of Victoria’s first supervised consumption site.   The site will open on 941 Pandora Ave. It has...

Drug Checking Workshop

Canada is currently facing one of the largest drug adulteration epidemics in the country’s history, mainly via street level trafficking of drugs. Drug dealers and suppliers are cutting their drugs with myriads of random chemicals and powders that look similar to the...